I've paid twice this month, no refund offered

I am livid. I paid my bill this month via a one off online payment and Bulb have debit my account AGAIN today, leaving me with no money for food for my 11 month old. Despite two phone calls to Bulb and a chat with an advisor online, I have been informed that the money can’t be refunded as it is still ‘pending’ despite being very obviously deducted from my bank. I will be switching if this isn’t resolved, its disgusting to take two payments and leave people short of money in times like this.

May be worth contacting your bank and asking if they can stop or reverse the payment.

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I would just point out they didn’t take two payments. You made a payment off your own back, and Bulb took their normal regular monthly direct debit. You don’t pay them one off payments. If you wish to pay that way you need to remove the direct debit off your bulb account or with your bank via your online banking.

Bulb are correct. If an item is pending in your account it’s in “no man’s land” neither paid nor unpaid. It has been removed from your available balance but hasn’t physically been paid to Bulb. Once it’s paid then Bulb can reimburse it

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Hi @katieswinburn5, thanks for using Community.

@ryan4257 is correct, have you tried getting in touch with your bank to cancel the second payment? They should be able to do this for you.

Let me know if you’re still having problems so I can make sure you get the refund you need ASAP.

Thanks for your response, I really appreciate it. My bank have said the payment has been taken and so they can’t refund it and to contact you. I’ve called them twice and they have said that the refund needs to come from Bulb. I paid the £85 so as not to miss a payment but I really can’t afford to pay twice.

Hi @katieswinburn5,

Thanks for your response. I see both those payments have come through to us now, so I’m just arranging that refund for you now. I’ll pop you an email to confirm.

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