January bill of £538.84!

just had a bill for £584.84 for January. . I was billed £530-odd for December, but that was corrected to £82.

According to the energy usage graph I used £56.23 for January and £52.51 for December.

This problem started about the time Bulb started remotely reading my meter.

Can someone please explain.


Apparantly according to bulb im using more electricity now than i did in December with an absolute load of Christmas lights running. I cant even say this lockdowns an issue as were home anyway due to being disabled so not using anything different than then anyway, just not the lights. They now want to up my payments from £96 a month to £218 a month, plus i’ve had an email telling me im hundreds in debt, but the app says a totally different amount.

An absolute shambles of a company.

Hi @agorton1979 - I can see you’ve been in touch with us about this today, so I’ve drop you a private message with further information.

@nicolacooper77 I’ve also taken a look at your account and sent you a private message. You’re being billed to smart readings, so your billing should be accurate. :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t hold your breath I’ve been trying to get an engineer out since last September and I’m on their priority list. Also hiked up DD when I was £300+ in credit. Best advice I can give you is find another provider it’s what I’m doing.

Hi @Hills999 - I’m sorry to hear this. I’ve sent you a private message now. Could you get back to me there with more details?

They got a third party to put in a smart meter, they misread the reading of the old meter and doubled the bill. firstly I was told it was to do with the holiday season using about 740kwh in a week. Then they changed the bill but estimated to be 14% higher than I estimated by comparing it to the last 2 months, I’m trying to find out how they calculated the new bill but not getting anywhere and I still haven’t found out about the holiday season in November as every month is pretty similar at the moment. You know when the holiday season is over because you get a meter change on the day it finishes and a whole bunch of grief trying to sort the ensuing mess out.

Well, I got back to Jim and guess what? No reply!!!

Hi @Hills999 - I can’t see that you’ve replied to the private message I sent you on 5th February. Could you get back to me there?

I’ve re sent you the email I sent.

I need someone to take control of this problem ASAP 2 emails to you can’t have just disappeared. All you need to do is send out an engineer to re set the meter. It’s not rocket science.

I wonder how this got here. This was part of an email sent to the complaints department yesterday. So where is the rest of it!!! And why haven’t I had a reply from Jim who I’ve emailed twice or from complaints.
I hope they don’t think I’ll just go away.