January monthly payment not taken

Bulb normally take my monthly payment around the first of every month… no payment has been taken for January, AND, my monthly payments have been reduced (not by me). My next payment is not scheduled for 1st Feb!! Anyone else had this?

Hi @OzBob

Thanks for your post :sunny:

Sorry to hear there has been some confusion with your payments.

Every few months, we conduct payment reviews on accounts to make sure the payment amount is correct. For you, it seems that the amount you were paying could be lowered, which is why it has been reduced automatically.

You can edit your payment amount in your Bulb Account if you wish to put it to an amount different to our suggestion!

With the missed payment, I’m unsure why January’s was not taken. So that it does not go missed, you could make a manual top up into your account if you wish, or we can email a payment code over to you.

Eleanor :bulb: