Join One Day, Price Increase Notification the Next Day

Bulb confirmed on Sunday that they would start to supply gas and electricity to my address yesterday. I wake up this morning to an email informing me that prices will increase in 60 days . This will make them more expensive than my previous supplier. Am I impressed- no. Will I be having a very short stay with Bulb- yes indeed. I accept that prices at Bulb are not fixed but this is ridiculous.

I’m in almost exactly the same situation. Surely new customers should have been given a reasonable grace period. Shockingly bad first experience as a new customer.

Ridiculous. Joined last month and had to pay month upfront which I wasn’t aware but let that go. However does mean got clobbered with this PLUS final bill from previous supplier this month, then to cap it now an increase of £15! Seriously miffed …

Hi @DenisB, @WhartonT and @TGB. I’m sorry you’re disappointed with this so soon after joining - We don’t give a grace period for new members as we only offer the one tariff to everyone who is with us. Having said that, We had updated the join website letting any new members know that wholesale prices had been increasing and that we may have to raise our prices soon, and if you signed up to us on a Price Comparison Website you will have received an email letting you know this as well. We have given double the notice time that Ofgem requires for a price rise and we don’t have exit fees as we don’t believe in tying anyone down to one supplier. I realise this is all small consolation, but we do try and go above and beyond with our transparency about changes to the wholesale market so that we don’t ever go home feeling like we’ve cheated people. We’re aware that some people will want to leave as a result of this increase though, and we’ve given every one of our members as much time as possible to weigh this all up.

I’m happy to talk over any of this with all of you further as well, let me know if you’d like me to send you a DM or email if you’d prefer.

I joined Bulb on 14th August and, like others, am disappointed that I am facing such a steep increase so early - in my case, a fraction under 20%. However, I’m going to risk it and stay - primarily because of the openness of Bulb. I so feel that I’m going to be treated fairly by this company and respect their approach.

Thanks for the feedback @Dan23 - We really appreciate hearing that - we’ll do everything we can to repay that faith and keep delivering a service you enjoy.