Joining bulb and have a smart meter


I am thinking about joining bulb but I have a smart meter from my current provider where the smart meter can provide meter readings to them only.

If I change provider will bulb change my smart meter so that reading can go automatically to them with out me providing them?

I meant change my smart meter for free…

Thanks and I look forward to your replied

NO, bulb will not change smets 1 meters,you will have to wait until the DCC can connect it to the system(hopefully by the end of the year)

Hi @razwan_sarwar and welcome to our Community :zap:

@skippy64 is bang on :sunglasses:

We won’t exchange this type of meter for a newer generation as we are waiting for these meters to be reconnect by the end of the year.

You will still be able to switch to Bulb but you will need to temporarily send us manual readings until we can reconnect the meter to the smart network.