Joining bulb & help with meters

Hi, I am wanting to join Bulb &have a smart meter. (Just moved into a new property)
I dont currently have prepayment meters, do I need these first? If so, do bulb install them ?

My advice would be to find another company, Bulb are not the company they were, their CS is a joke (unresponsive) if you do get an answer it’s just a copy/paste of set answers, they increase DD’s without warning, I fear they are in financial difficulty, look elewhere.

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Hi @Sheenacbutt

Firstly a warm welcome to the community page :bulb: :tada:

You can switch to us with smart meters, if they are currently prepayment smart meters you would need to sign up with this link.

If they are smart credit meters then you can sign up with this link.

If you wanted to switch to smart prepayment, as long as the meters are connected to the smart network we can apply to switch the tariff. We do not have a definitive timeline for this as we do them in batches.

I am going to DM you to ask for your address so I can advise further depending on what meters you have.