Joining bulb imminently

I’m thinking of joining bulb…I’m on smart payg,with a smets 1 smart meter…will I be able to use your app to track usage and top up???

As Bulb have only just launched their smart meter based prepayment offering, I suspect the answer will be no (they’ll have focussed on SMETS2 first).

Hi @blutone,

Firstly, I just wanted to start off by giving you a warm welcome to Bulb Community

Short answer = yes

If your smart meter is already enrolled onto the smart network with your current supplier, then yes, you can track your usage and top-up online with our Bulb app.

But, the meter has to be manufactured by Secure (these have the letter P in the middle of the meter serial number).

From there, you can see your usage in the energy usage section. Though, energy usage graphs may not be available straight away but you can still see your usage month-to-month.

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Thank you for that info…my meter is made by secure,and so I can go ahead and switch… :+1: