Joining Bulb - some questions


I am in the process of switching from EON to Bulb and was hoping to get some advice.

  1. I’m currently on pre-paid and don’t have a smart meter, will Bulb supply me with a smart meter?

  2. Will there be the option to switch from prepaid to post paid?

  3. As a prepaid customer will I be able to use their app to Top-Up?

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  1. Yes.
  2. Yes.
  3. No.
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Thank you Hooloovoo,

On the back of question 3, do I have the option of topping up online?

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I’m not particularly familiar with prepayment meters. You get a card from Bulb to put in your meter, which you have to take somewhere to add money to it. Surely any kind of remote topup via app or online requires a smart prepayment meter, which you don’t have? How ever you top up now will be how you continue to top up.

Bulb don’t support smart prepayment meters in any case. If you had one it would automatically be reconfigured to a pay monthly credit meter at the point you switched to Bulb.

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In that case I’m not sure what to do,

The only reason it’s a prepaid meter is because the property has been since we moved in.

We did look to change from EON to EDF around a year ago and they were going to change the meters straight over but after 3 failed appointments they told us it wasn’t possible? (this was without ever coming to the property and checking the meters.

Since then we have put changing on the back burner, I wonder if it’s worth waiting to get the prepaid cards from Bulb and then calling them and requesting to switch to post paid straight away.

Would prefer to pay by DD as apposed to having to nip to the shops to top up once a month :slight_smile:

Bulb will charge you circa £120 per meter to change from prepayment to credit.

They will install smart meters for free, which will move you to credit meters by default, but there’s no guarantee how soon they would be able to do that, so you might still end up using your prepayment meters for months.

Can’t EON change you to credit meters?

  1. I’ve been with bulb for almost a year and there has been no mention of a smart meter.

oh and I signed up for their smart meter programme

Yes, hence I said the OP might wait many months and still not get one.

Ah you’re absolutely right, I read that wrong the first time. My mistake.

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I regret joining, they use over inflated estimates even if you submit several actual readings, they do not correct it and continue to use made up readings that are several hundreds of units off. I’ve been overcharged. Support is non existent, they do not reply. You will regret it, avoid this scam company at all costs. This is my experience of this supplier, i will be leaving them, have read about others having issues getting a refund. Good luck to you if you join, but if i was you i would avoid them.

Thanks for your own personal reviews, on the back of them I don’t think Bulb is for me, shame they don’t offer smart meters to their customers from when they join.

I contacted EON this morning and I’m getting switched over to postpaid in a couple of weeks along with getting a smart meter as well.

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Hello, me again.

EON have now switched my meters over and provider me with a smart meter.

I then had a call from EON today so say that my switch to Bulb has been completed?

I’ve emailed and Tweeted them multiple times to get them to cancel my account as I am in my 14 day CSG .

Does anyone have a number for this company?

Help is available from the help page. See: