Joining Bulb with a SMETS2 Smart Meter

Hi there!

I’ve just started my switch to Bulb Energy, but won’t be fully with you guys until the switch has completed in a couple of weeks.

I currently have a SMETS2 Smart Meter for both Gas & Electricity (installed by E.ON Energy - my current, soon to be previous supplier), and it’s worked flawlessly since it’s been installed.

I know SMETS2 Smart Meter’s should automatically work with most suppliers when you switch, so I’m hoping mine carries on working properly when I’m with Bulb.

I have a few questions though, so any help would be much appreciated.

  1. Currently, E.ON Energy IHD’s can’t connect to Wi-Fi (it’s disabled by E.ON for some reason), but Bulb one’s do. When my switch has completed, will this feature become enabled on my IHD?
  2. Will Bulb start to send software updates to my IHD?
  3. How long will it be before my IHD start’s to show information related to my Bulb Account and energy usage?
  4. Should I expect any downtime on my Smart Meter’s or IHD when my switch to Bulb is in the process of nearing completion - or even after it’s completed?
  5. The Smart Tariff looks appealing. Is there an official launch date for this service?

I know all these questions may seem a bit too much, but I just want a smooth transition over to Bulb. I don’t want the hassle of anything going wrong (hopefully, nothing will), especially since I’ve really enjoyed not having to worry about sending in readings and seeing my energy use; both on the IHD, and via an online dashboard (don’t know if Bulb provides this).

Many thanks to all those who take the time to reply.

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Interesting Read :slight_smile:

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Hi @yasinkp9091. Firstly, thanks for signing up with Bulb, we’re happy to have you (and your SMETS2 meters) on board :raised_hands:

I’ll take each of your questions in turn, so excuse the lengthy post!

  1. The Wi-Fi won’t become enabled on your IHD when you switch, so this would need to be resolved with E.ON. Do you know which brand the IHD is, and whether it is commissioned with E.ON?
  2. We would need the IHD to be connected the Wi-Fi in order to run firmware updates and bug fixes
  3. If the meters are brought over to us successfully and they’re commissioned, the usage should show should straightaway.
  4. The switch shouldn’t affect the IHD or the meters - it will only affect which supplier is receiving the meter readings.
  5. Once your switch has been completed, you’ll be able to apply for our smart tariff. You can find a little more info on this, and the application page, here.
  6. Finally, you can view your usage on some nifty graphs on your Bulb account, yes!

If you’ve got any further questions or queries, do let me know :blush:

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Hi @Lou_at_Bulb. Thank you for the comprehensive reply :+1:

In answer to your question, the IHD brand is CHAMELEON with it being the IHD3-PPMID. It has been commissioned with E.ON since they were installed in October 2019, and has been working as expected since then.

It’s a shame E.ON has disabled the Wi-Fi functionality. I got in touch with them, and they say they don’t enable this feature as standard :sob:

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

The issue with the wifi will need resolving with E.ON directly unfortunately. However, it sounds like this isn’t a something they’ll be able to do in which case we would be able to send an IHD out to you, at a cost of £30. You’ll be able to track your usage on there as you have been with E.ON :blush:

Great news that your meters are commissioned, we’ll be able to get your reading from meter almost instantly :+1:

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Hi @Gabby_at_Bulb. Thanks for the prompt reply.

:point_up_2: This sounds like a brilliant idea. I’ll go ahead with it once my switch has completed. Out of interest though, would you be able to tell me which IHD Model you’d send out?

Hi @yasinkp9091, it would be a Chamelon IHD, with the model number IHD6-CAD-PPMID :pager:

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Sound’s great! @Lou_at_Bulb How would I go about getting one?

If you get back in touch with us once your switch has gone through, @yasinkp9091, we can look in this for you :blush:

Cool… Speak to you then. :slight_smile:

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Hey @Lou_at_Bulb @Gabby_at_Bulb. I’ve switched over to you guys now (yay!), so how would I go about getting the new IHD? Also, would this charge come out of my Bulb balance or would I need to pay for it separately?

I look forward to hearing back :grin:

Many thanks.

Great to hear you’re now a fully-fledged Bulb member @yasinkp9091 :grinning:

We’d debit this from your Bulb Account balance, it’s up to you if you want to make a one off top up in your Bulb Account to cover this

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Yes, I’ll make a one off top up to cover the payment.

Would you be able to order the IHD for me, or how should I go about it?

@yasinkp9091 we’ve just started a partial return to the office this week and this doesn’t include the smart team yet, so we’re not able to send one out right away, however we should be able to do this soon. I’d advise checking in with us in a week or two for an update

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Hey @Matthew_W_at_Bulb Just checking in for an update. It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted. Any info on when I should receive the new IHD?

Hey @yasinkp9091, We’re still majority working from home including our Smart Teams. Once we’re back in our offices, we’ll be able to send you out an IHD :grin:

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Hey @renee_n_at_bulb Just checking in for an update. It’s been a couple of months now since I last posted. Any info on when I could receive the new IHD?