Joining Bulb


Thinking of joining bulb. Been reading posts on smart meters etc. I have a couple of questions

  1. are bulb using 2nd gen smart meters now for new customers?
  2. i would like to use a hive thermostat. If i get the kit, will bulb be able to organise the fitting or is this a british gas engineer thing

thanks in advance

  1. Bulb is planning on rolling out SMETS2 (the 2nd generation smart meters) later this year - there is a signup form if you want to be ‘one of the first’ (although the rollout will probably be coordinated with other suppliers as it’ll be cheaper for the engineers to do an area/road at a time). So - yes Bulb WILL be using 2nd gen meters, but not at the moment.

  2. Since the Hive thermostat is “your side” of the meter, Bulb wouldn’t be involved at all in this (and there is no need for any other utility provider - such as British Gas - to be involved). I believe that the Hive system just replaces the existing thermostat so you could actually do this yourself, but if you are uncertain, please find an qualified/experienced local electrician to do so (unless the thermostat connects with the heating pipes - which is unlikely - or with the gas supply to your boiler - again unlikely - then you don’t even need a plumber or a ‘Gas Safe’ engineer: a “bog standard” electrician should be able to do the job for you).

The Hive installation guide is linked from and reading the guide, it’s something I think I’d feel comfortable doing myself (I’m no where near a trained electrician - but it looks just slightly more complex than wiring a plug).

Hi – just wanted to second all the answers above. Thanks @RichyB