Joining Bulb

I was just wondering how the switch process was for anyone with Eon?
My bill for Eon is due on the 28th of July, whilst my first payment with bulb is due on the 17th of July.
is the bulb payment an advance payment for August?

Thank you for your time.

The Bulb payment is made on your switch date in advance of the following month’s energy usage. Presumably Eon will only take your July payment if you’re in debit, although I wouldn’t bet on it. If you think you’re already in sufficient credit with Eon to cover your last billing period with them, you could always ask them not to take the next payment or cancel your direct debit. Although the latter may cause a few difficulties in getting your account finalised so suppliers advise against it.

I believe cancelling your DD could affect your credit rating, as they are likely to keep taking your dd until you have a final bill, best not to do it, I would let it run its course as you wont pay for any energy twice.