Joining bulb

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am currently with British Gas. I tried to join bulb in April but I had a problem as my meter is coming up as pre pay. It used to be but I changed it to a normal meter 4 years ago when I moved it. I asked British Gas to change it on the database which they say they have done. However I tried to join bulb again today and it still says that my meter is pre pay. Can I get some assistance with this please.

Hi @John_Kilshaw84 ,

When I had a similar problem with Scottish Power, I contacted the gas meter database regulator - - with the full postal address, meter numbers (MPRN) and any serial numbers on the physical meter) etc and explained that I had tried working with my previous supplier but they were unwilling to update the database correctly. XoServe should be able to either help you or point you to the relevant people to get the database updated (Bulb can’t really do anything as you aren’t their customer and don’t have ‘authority’ over the connection - only British Gas could talk to XoServe as your supplier and obviously they aren’t…).