Joining date blah blah

I’m supposed to be joining bulb. It seems that my gas has been taken over but not my electricity. But I’ve had no communication from bulb about what’s going on. I’ve had no request for a starting gas meter read although I have given one in hope! I hope it gets sorted before they cease trading if that happens as otherwise I’ll be in a right mess. It would be lovely to have some communication.

Hi @BurntToast,

Thanks for your post and welcome to community and Bulb! :wave:

I’m sorry to hear your switch hasn’t been as smooth as possible. I can see that your gas moved across on the 29/10/2021 however your electricity was cancelled.

It looks like our request to take over your electricity from British Gas was actually cancelled. Have you managed to speak to them about this? There might be a reason for them rejecting the switch.

I am sorry that this was not communicated sooner! Let me know if you have any further q’s and if there is anything I can do to help

– Daisy :bulb:

Thank you. I haven’t spoken to British Gas because I didn’t know it had been cancelled. Can you not try again? There is no reason for them to refuse me leaving as I was moved to them as the SoLR and never chose them in the first place.

Hi @BurntToast

I can see we’ve reapplied for your electricity supply, and you’re now due to switch to us on 26th November.

British Gas have up until the 10th to object, although I’m sure they won’t now as there’s no reason to. We’ll then drop you an email to let you know the electricity switch is going ahead.

– Meg :bulb:

Thank you. British Gas are virtually uncontactable but I have used their complaint form today although by the time they get to it it will most likely be too late. We shall see.