Joining during the colder months

Members who sign up between August and April will have slightly higher payments during their first winter. During the summer, Bulb helps it’s members build up a nice buffer in their accounts so that when they use more energy over winter they don’t have to increase their payments to cover their increased energy cost. This is called Winter Uplift.

If you join without having a chance to build up this buffer we set your first winter’s payments a little bit higher so that at the end of your first winter you don’t get a scary bill. When we get to April, we permanently lower your monthly payments and they stay low throughout the next winter. By then we’ll have helped you build a nice buffer to keep your winter payments low.

Joining during August - September

Members who join us during August or September will have normal payments in August and September and then from 1st October to 31st March their payments will be about 20% higher. From April their payments will be permanently lowered, usually to the amount of the August and September payments.

Joining during October - March

Members who join us after 1st October through to 31th March will have payments about 20% higher than they would otherwise. From April their payments will be permanently lowered.

Joining during April - July

Members who join us after 1st April through to July 31st will never have Winter Uplift payments during their

can you pay a lower amount all year round but add extra payments during the winter rather than having money in your account ?

Yes you can. You’re welcome to change your payment amounts to anything reasonable. It just means you will have to keep a closer eye on your Bulb account is all.

What if you carry over a buffer from another supplier and put that on bulb account?

Hi @fjones101 if you have any credit left over from your old supplier, they will refund it back into your bank account when you move over to Bulb.

You’re welcome to manage your Bulb balance as you see best. You’re welcome to add this credit to your Bulb account by making a one off payment if that’s what you’d like to do. We can also tweak your monthly payments as you see fit.