Joining the EV tariff trial

I’d like to join the EV tariff trial. How do I request this. Cannot see anywhere in the app to make a change.

Hi @john8,

Here you can register your interest for our upcoming EV trial that is coming out this autumn.

Here is also a link to apply to join our Smart Tariff which you can sign up for now.

Visited that. It doesn’t work. Something about “We’re updating your smart meters in our systems”. Not quite sure what that’s supposed to mean. It also tells me that if my smart meter has been installed more than 2 weeks ago, I should email you. It was. I have. No one responded to my email. I tried again. Still no one responded.

Hi @John8,

I’m going to send you an email now so we can get this sorted. I’ve been speaking to the smart team about this. Due to this error message, we are most likely missing a crucial dataflow from your account that we would need to put you on this tariff. We can fix this by escalating to our smart team.

Hi Noah, I realise this post is a few months old, but I have literally gone through the exact chain of events as the previous contentor trying to Join the ev tarrif. Is there something wrong with my meter that needs fixing?
Thanks a lot

Hey @lukenewman21 I’m just checking with the project lead if the EV charger trial sign up is still open, if it’s closed that may be why you’re unable to sign up. Are you also having trouble registering for the smart tariff?

Hey @lukenewman21, as a follow up you can sign up here