Hello, I am thinking of joining bulb as I have just moved into a new house. It currently has pre-paided meters but I want to change so I can pay direct debit. Is this something that bulb can accommodate??

Hi @mindfulness ,

Yes, but they do charge £120 for switching from a pre-pay meter to a credit meter and require you to have been with them at least a month ( see ).

However, there’s two ‘workarounds’ to avoid this cost (quickly checks that nobody is looking):

  • If you are currently with one of the ‘Big Six’ suppliers, they will change your meter free of charge (some of the smaller ones may do it as well, but I believe the ‘Big six’ cannot charge). They may then set you up on a year long (or longer) contract, but see if you can just be on a monthly/quarterly one for ease and then switch to Bulb. Worse case scenario, if you are on a long contract with exit fees and switch to Bulb, Bulb will actually pay your exit fees to break your contract (up to £60 per fuel: )
  • Bulb will shortly (they’ve just started on small trial rollout, but a big rollout will happen next year) start deploying multi-provider compatible SMETS2 smart meters free of charge. These can be switched between tariffs remotely and so there should be no/very little fee for this (Bulb haven’t commented either way). So if you want to get rid of your existing supplier ‘now’ and can stand being on pre-pay for between 1-12 months, then you can switch to Bulb now.

Hope it helps!