Joint accounts

Have you considered joint accounts (i.e. two or more people allowed to share the same account - because they all live in the same house).
Everyone gets the emails.
Everyone can view the MyBulb data for the property.
Anyone can submit meter readings.
Anyone can refer someone and the bounty is taken off the shared bill.
Maybe only one is the “main” account holder so can change details, add/remove other account holders etc.
Maybe even multiple direct debits split N ways? (for flat shares)

@JeremyTheGerbil We do allow joint accounts. We can have more than one name on the account with emails sent to multiple places. We can only have one email address as the sign in, however.

At the moment, we want to keep things simple, so having multiple direct debits and multiple referral links is something we might not be looking at. At least in the near future.