Joint Names


I have just initiated a switch to bulb.
16 Cathcartston Dalmellington Ayr, Ayrshire, KA6 7QY

The House is in Joint names of Barry and Siyasanga Beanland

The account only has my name on and I am not able to add my wife’s name.

Is it possible for you to add my wife’s name to the account?

Kind regards
Barry Beanland

A convenient way to add your wife is explained in this document:

This is an open forum which can be seen by many people and I would suggest you remove your personal details from your query.

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Hi @Beanland

Just to summarise the link @Allanr added (and you may well want to edit your details off your post, as this is indeed a public forum), we can add a second name to your account now, if you like. All we need is confirmation from them (and you) that you’re both fine with being jointly liable for all the bills.

The easiest way to do this is to copy them into an email to, then they can email with their name saying they’re fine to be added, and I’ll put the second name on.