Just initiated a switch to Bulb, then I began reading this forum

I’m concerned about the level of complaints here, should I continue my switch to Bulb or cancel before the headache begins?

I can understand estimated bills etc, however, normally they should eventually balance out once readings are given, unless you’re forced into inflated DD payments.

Can we not just pay for what we use?

Can anyone convince me to switch to Bulb?

NO, not even going to try


:rofl: thank you Skippy

No. Try Avro a lot cheaper and good current reviews

Hi Roger.
I’m afraid I can’t!

  1. electricity prices have increased by 18% over the last six months (most recent rise coming on 18th October) and there are now several companies with v.good feedback & green credentials that are a lot cheaper!
  2. it’s a good idea to keep on top of/record your monthly readings, usage and run a spreadsheet with your own projection so that you can set a DD level that actually makes sense over the year.
  3. even when you do 2) above you can get ‘explanations’ for DD changes from staff that just don’t make sense and questions on the matter go unanswered - or they did in my case.

For me it’s really about cost if you’re on the ball, so I’m already leaving.
Good luck!


thanks Robin, their prices are showing up quite reasonable, but i need supply for a business premises (13,000kwh per annum Electric only). I’ll have to check they can supply to me.

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Thanks for your reply Diceman… the prices quoted to me for business use were 12.04p/kwh, is that the current price for you?

Can anyone convince me to switch to Bulb?

No I can’t. I’ve just switched to AVRO. These guys are cowboys if they think they can win me over with a message like this email I received:

So we have to increase our electricity prices, but we’re able to lower our gas prices.


We’re lowering our gas unit rate from 2.737p to 2.731p per kWh.

Followed by…

Our electricity rate will increase from 13.986p to 15.829p per kWh. And we’re increasing our electricity standing charge from 18.993p to 19.278p per day.

That’s not a gas price decrease (0.006p), when compared to the increase in STANDING charge and kWh on electricity. What a pathetic attempt to cushion the blow

Do they think we’re idiots? I’ve save £195 per year by switching to AVRO. Even British Gas was £119 per year cheaper on the quote for the same forecasted estimated usage.

So long Bulb.

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By all means join Bulb if you love price increases every month.

@Roger71 Hi Roger, welcome to Bulb community!

You’re right about estimated bills, if you provide a meter reading your bill will be adjusted to that reading. If we have overcharged you we will credit your account back and if we have undercharged you, we’ll add the debit to your account. You don’t have to wait till the next bill for adjustments to be made, we’ll aim to have your bill updated in 24 hours.

If you have used your EAC and AQ (yearly usage figures for gas and electricity) when signing up, your quote will be accurate to your actual usage. If you don’t have your annual usage figures to hand, we generate a quote based on the average usage for a property of your size in your area. This may be inaccurate if you’re a higher user. Once you join us, we’re provided with more information about your historical usage. We use a combination of this data and your own meter readings to generate your usage projections and your monthly DD.

Upfront payments let us be smarter when buying your energy, so we can pass more savings on to our members.

Once you switch to Bulb, we take monthly payments from your bank account which will build up credit in your Bulb account. Every month we use this credit to pay for the energy you’ve used. We offer a range of payment options that can be found in our payment methods page which can change over time.

If you do decide to join us and you find that Bulb is not for you, we do not charge exit fees and neither do we tie you into a contract. If the price is right for you, you want simple and efficient customer service and you’re looking for green energy then Bulb is just the place. You will only truly know if it’s the right place for you by taking a chance on us. Whatever you do decide, we wish you all the best in your endeavors. :slightly_smiling_face:

As a longer term member of Bulb, I’ve been through phases of price drops and increases, it varies based on the relative gas and electric usage and the market rates. I like there being a single tariff, no need to lock in to annual price fixes, and the renewable aspects, and few other suppliers do this. Ecotricity being one of the few who do.

I put in a monthly meter reading every month on the 1st and have the bill set for the 3rd, which seems to work well at avoiding estimated bills. I had one estimated bill recently as it too a bit longer for the readings to be processed than normal, I went on to the Bulb chat and a new bill was processed within minutes.

One of the downsides of the community here is many people grumbling about issues, many of which are easily resolvable through for example providing regular meter readings.

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Thanks for the AVRO nod. ~£70 a year saving for me (working it out myself). Even British Gas are currently estimating cheaper than Bulb for me too.
AVRO quote a £128 saving, but I’m not sure how they work that out. I think maybe they’re using outdated figures for Bulb.

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I’ve been with Bulb for just under two years and have had no issues whatsoever with them. My bills are much lower than they were with my old provider and I’ve only had reason to contact customer services once who managed to sort my issue out. I send in meter readings every month so my bills are never estimated. I don’t have a smart meter and I don’t really want to get one as I’ve seen a lot of people have issues with them, no matter who their provider is. Maybe regular readings and a normal meter are the recipe for smooth sailing :slight_smile: (hope I haven’t just jinxed myself!)

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@KayReid Welcome to Bulb Community!

We appreciate your feedback and hope that you enjoy using this platform! :smile:

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