just initiated the switch... can I choose the date?

I’ve just initiated the switch to bulb and should be transferred from by old supplier by the 12th of November, my existing contract ends 22nd of November and has a £25 exit fee.
Is there a way to delay the switch to the 22nd. I appreciate the exit fee will be paid by bulb but for the sake of 10 days it probably makes sense to set the date to after the 22nd but not sure how to set this up, it appears all very automated.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

@jng Switching takes 21 days so you cannot specify the date unless you apply 21 days before the date you want it to switch.

As you are in the last 7 weeks of your contract, your previous supplier can’t charge an exit fee. They’re not allowed to do this, as part of the Supply License Conditions from Ofgem.

(Should you need to quote this to them, it relates to condition 24.8b, with ‘Switching Window’ as defined in 24.17).