Just joined and billed day after!

Hi I joined Bulb on 20.11.17 and full direct payment came out 21.11.17 ! Day after that on 22.11.17 my old supplier took direct debit too! Nearly £200 in one go! Is it right Bulb can / should take the first payment soon??? Not happy with the advance payment…

@SDU Thanks for getting in touch. Old suppliers can keep active direct debit payments open until they receive the first readings from us. These readings can take between 2-6 to reach your old supplier.

Once they receive those readings, they will then reimburse you any money remaining. I understand that it’s frustrating to be down £200. Unfortunately, we are legally unable to cancel those direct debits on your behalf.

We recommend contacting your old supplier so that they hold off from any more payments as you’ve now swapped over to us.

@SDU, If you’re questioning the Bulb payment that went out so quickly then there have been a number of threads recently about how Bulb charge in advance that might be worth a read, for example this one.

Bulb charge you in advance to build up credit - at first I was a bit surprised, but after being with them a few months I actually prefer this system.

I have quite a bit of credit on my account now, and think of it as a good way of saving some extra money for over winter.