Just joined and prices hiked!!

I joined Bulb yesterday as one of the cheapest prices and have an email this morning to say my bill is going up by £13 a month.

I wasn’t a member in August and don’t recall being warned of a price hike - is this a scam or have I just missed something in the small print?

I am staggered that having just joined, and paid my first monthly payment, that I am now informed of a price hike. Surely I must have a fixed rate for a period. This all seems to smack of being conned

Hello both - these prices will not come into effect until the 11th November, so the fixed period is, at the very least, 60 days. This is double what Ofgem recommend as notice period for a price rise. We updated our Join site this time last month to warn of increasing wholesale gas prices, saying that they may lead to a price change if they don’t go down. Unfortunately, they didn’t, so we had to raise them.

We don’t want you to feel conned. We don’t have exit fees or fixed contract lengths, so we have zero incentive to give an unreasonable price just to change it on a whim. All of our members are on the only possible tariff we can offer them, and so when we raise our prices it affects everyone, we don’t differentiate old or new.