Just joined - appalled at the unprofessionalismof the interface.

I’ve just joined Bulb and tried to log on to give my first meter reading using my laptop.
Found the interface appallingly and ambiguously written. Obviously not ‘idiot-proofed’!
I have not yet set up my email address and password, but Bulb already knows the email address I use because it has been emailing me over past few weeks.
When I logged on I was asked for my email. I gave it.
Then the interface asked me for a password.
I have no password yet set.
No password was sent to me in an email earlier.
There is no link on the page to set your password .
There is no help for ‘change password’
There are no questions on FAQ or in this community on how to do it.
What is this? Confuse grey-hairs and have a laugh about it?
By trial and error the way to do it is:
Act as though you already have a password even though you haven’t and then click the button to change it.
That way you are redirected to the webpage which should have prominent links but doesn’t on how to set your password.
Barmy that this feedback ‘trap’ is on the website.
Must have confused hundreds of naive users who presumably then had to work hard to telephone through to get a password set.
BULB! You aim for a simple and uncomplicated method but it is lacking.
Please improve.

Are you talking about the https://account.bulb.co.uk/login page where it asks you to enter your email address and ‘Email me a link to sign in’ (so no password is needed) and gives the additional option of ‘Sign in with your password’ if you have one?

Once you’ve signed in (with using the emailed ‘magic link’ or your password), it gives you the option to change/set your password in the ‘Account and tariff info’ section (which is where I would expect it to be).

If you are talking about the app, can you let us know if you are using the Apple or Android app on which phone?

@OldTimer Thanks for getting in touch and I’m sorry to hear that your Bulb account experience has been so frustrating.

We’ve found that when you come through uSwitch that it’s harder to find out about the Bulb account details. To address this, we send an email once your account is all set up for you to set up a new password. In this instance, we sent you an email on the 19th of April to set one up.

Without a password, you can also get a sign-in link emailed to you so you can log in without a password. Once you’re in, you can go to Account details to change the password.

You are right in saying that if you don’t know your password there is no clear link or page to understand what to do if you don’t know your password. I’ll pass this feedback on so we can continue to improve our website!