Just Joined BULB but wish to leave

Can some one please let me know how I go about cancelling the account as so far I have not been impressed with how Bulb operate. No response to emails, Customers service seems abit laid back and not really interested in what I want so I would like to cancel my account

Evening Timn,

I’m sure one of the Bulb team will be here tomorrow to assist you, but when you say they are not interested in what you say, have you addressed this with them, so they have a chance to answer you?
I 've been with them only a short time, since beginning of May and have found them to be more helpful answering questions, and courteous too, much more than 2 of the ‘Big 6’ suppliers I have been with in the past. Ok, time will tell if this level of service will continue, but don’t you think they deserve at least a chance, and to answer your concerns?

Good luck in whatever you decide, Timm

Hi, When I first called the girl sounded if she was on halt time break from UNI no interest at all then I got cut off, the second time the chap was no help at all either and when I questioned my e mails he said nothing showing here but and I’ll have to think about that question again, no interest at all. If this is what you get as a new customer I hate to think what it will be like later on.

Hi @Timm,
Sorry about the slow reply to your emails initially. We spoke on the phone on Tuesday and I think we solved everything. Please let me know if you have any further questions.
@“Owen at Bulb”