Just joined Bulb

Not a great start to our relationship.
I was on Economy Energy before and they charged me £40 & £45 per month for Gas & Electricity. In addition, I was in credit at the point of departure. My question is “why have Bulb taken £157.34 from my account as the first ever payment”?
How do I speak to someone in Bulb to discuss this?

Hi @213bol, that does sound unusual. The best way to get in touch about this would be to give them a ring (0300 30 30 635).

It may be that the industry estimates (that Bulb can’t do anything about) are much higher than your usage and this was used for the calculation of your first bill.
If you give them a ring, they can reduce future payments for you (you can also do this yourself here) and should be able to refund you some of your account credit.

Thanks mowcius for the quick response and the info. The ability to adjust monthly payments is open once they start supplying my power, electric/gas, so’ll have a look then.

Thanks once again.