Just joined, estimated monthly bill when switching was X, now recommends I should be paying double..

…it says on my account “based on one meter reading” - how does that work then, surely you need at least two meter readings to get any kind of idea about daily usage that can be extrapolated to monthly? What use is one reading…?

Anyway I had a fault with my hot water system that only became apparent as the weather got warm - basically the system was constantly calling the boiler for heat, which was pretty normal for the UFH in the winter, but then I realised it was continuing to call for heat even when the UFH was off due the fault.

I’ve got it fixed now, about coinciding with my switch to Bulb so I’m expecting my meter readings to be lower anyway, certainly for this time of year.

I guess I should just keep submitting readings and it’ll sort itself out? I don’t really want to immediately double my DD though, especially as I can’t see what this is based on if you guys only have one reading?

Hi there @oviano when we have one meter reading for you, we base your recommended payment amount on two things, that reading (from you) and the historical annual usage of your meter (which we get through from your old supplier). If your usage is going to go down rapidly since you dealt with that boiler situation, then as you say I’d just keep submitting meter readings. That’ll mean your statements are accurate, and we’ll be able to give you a much better estimate after a few months. There’s no need to change your DD straight away, under the circumstances, I’d give it at least a month or two.

Thanks David, that makes sense.