Just moved but 3 week supply wait

Hello I’ve just moved to a new home and to the best of my knowledge bulb where supplying energy to the previous owners. I’ve just signed up online to start my supply as I moved in yesterday but they said they will start supplying me on 24th August! Who is supplying me up until then? Many thanks

Hi there @Mal25 if we’re already the supplier of the property then the switch wouldn’t have worked, going through the website. It sounds like the property might have been with someone else, and we’re now switching it over to us (so welcome to Bulb).


Is this page of any help in finding who the previous supplier of energy was for your new home?

Hi i am moving to new home on ,monday august 6th. i am with bulb for my current address, the supplier at my new home is BG. what do i do

Hi Andrew, Bulb’s supply follows properties, so you will have to contact BG when you move in, giving them a meter reading and the day you took over responsibility for the property. Then you can switch to us over email or over the phone. It’ll still take three weeks, that’s just the quickest any supplier can switch someone, unfortunately. We’ll ask for a meter reading near you switch date which we’ll give to your old supplier ensuring you’re only charged for your usage during those three weeks.