Just moved I have two meters (2 MPANS)

I’ve just moved and two MPANs are listed on the property when I go to sign up but it’ll only let me choose one. Can you offer any advice on how to handle this? I’ve been told we have a day and a night meter

This is likely a complicated ‘related meters’ switch. If you have storage meters it’s possible that 1 MPAN can go on the Economy 7 tariff but your storage heaters MPAN can only switch to the standard tariff and you’ll be charged 2 standing charges. This may not be cost effective for you but it may be possible to get 1 MPAN de-energized with some rewiring (so everything is on E7 and you only get billed 1 standing charge). Search for a post on switching from Scottish Power’s Comfort Plus (storage meters) tariff for some more information. However I’d recommend contacting Bulb directly with the specifics of your current metering set up before initiating a switch.