Just moved in


I just moved in and signed up for bulb online. At the end it tells me that bulb with start supplying me on July 12th… however given that I have agreement with another supplier, who is supplying me right now? I was expecting to have been asked for a meter reading?


You have to find out who is supplying the new house now, sign up with them, then switch to Bulb.


I didn’t do it that way. I moved in, received a letter from the existing supplier (not in my name) trying to get me to sign up. I went through the process of switching to Bulb and received another 2 letters, 1 for gas and 1 for electricity, notifying me I had requested a switch.

Finally I was sent a bill for the old supplier which I paid online, that was it. They never had my name or any details. In theory I have overpaid as my gas usage was much lower to their estimate but I haven’t bothered chasing it.