Just received a bill saying I am now in credit by 9,600!!

Got a smart metre installed on the 5th of May and since then my account payment/usage details have been messed up. I got many bill corrections which took my balance credit from around £300 to near £950 and now I get an e-mail saying they have refunded the difference of my energy usage of £8,730, bringing my balance credit to £9,641.

Although it all sounds amusing, I really wish they would fix the situation as I have no idea what my real balance is, what my usage etc is. I’ve sent two support e-mails but have got no responses

The same happened to me and it took them a while to get my account back to its real balance. However, they are still estimating meter readings whilst saying they are getting readings from my smart meters. My monitor didn’t work for the first two months, so all in all switching to smart meters has been a shambles. It is clear they have technical problems but when it will all be sorted remains a bit of a secret!

Hi @Amdrew

It sounds like we need to take a look at the meter readings to make sure that we have the right information after we installed your smart meter. If we are still using estimated readings but we should be reading the meter remotely, just let us know and we can look into getting that changed for you