Just signed up for bulb today 18 10 2019 - Move in date 12 11 2019 - Any issues to be expected?

Hi folks,

I just signed up for Bulb today (18.10.2019).

My move in date for my property purchase is 12.11.2019.

This is my first house purchase.

This is also the first time I have set up an account in the UK for gas and electricity.

Does anybody in the forum see any issues with the above timings?

Any likely issues to be expected?

As we are getting into the winter months I am obviously wanting to move in on 12.11.2019 and have access to gas & electric due to the cold weather at this time of year.

Hope to get some feedback on this from people in the community on this and to hear from other people’s experiences.

Kind Regards,


When do you take legal responsibility for the property? On November 12? If so, you don’t yet have the right to switch the supplier of the property, you’re forcing an unrequested switch on the existing owners/occupiers. Is it a new build, meaning there isn’t an existing owner?

How are you intending to supply your opening meter readings (which will be expected around November 8) when you wont yet have access to the property?

I think you’ve got a few misunderstandings about how this works …

I echo everything @Hooloovoo has said but after that, once you are in the property and successfully using Bulb, just ensure you submit meter readings everything month when you receive the email reminder, this will ensure they use your actual readings rather than estimates. Oh yeh, and don’t get a smart meter!

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Hi, Many thanks for your advice. Fully noted. Some points of clarity.

  1. Title of property was correctly placed in my name on 1st October, 2019. I received the correct Title to the property on 1st October, 2019,
  2. Details on the Bulb sales page says that if we don’t provide the meter reading they will use an estimate.
  3. I won’t be back in the UK until November 12 so can’t provide a meter reading until this date.
  4. The house is many decades old and is not a new build.
  5. Previous owner vacated the property quite a few weeks ago.
  6. Previous owner used Bulb for their gas and electricity.

In that case on October 1 you should have contacted Bulb, given opening meter readings, and arranged payment since that’s when you became liable for the bills. The fact you’re not “moving in” until November 12 is irrelevant. You still need to pay the standing charges (and any usage if something has been left on) from October 1.

If you don’t have meter readings from October 1 because you’re out of the country, then Bulb should be able to use the closing readings given by the previous owner and you’ll just have to trust they are correct.