Just signed up. Seems my smart meter won't work

I just signed up with Bulb with great aspirations to use a Smart Meter integrated with my Samsung Smartthings Home Automation system. My previous supplier was Scottish Power and I tried to apply for a Bulb Smart Meter Reader thing and it tell me I have a smart meter already and you are working on figuring out how to read it.

I feel I have been misled somewhat. If I can’t have it a smart meter like I had with Scottish Power, then I will just go back to Scottish Power and not continue with Bulb. I’m hoping an employee here can explain if I can have a smart reader compatible with Bulb or not.

This sounds like you might have a 1st generation smart meter. Such meters only function as smart meters with the supplier that installed them, so they lose their “smarts” if you switch supplier (to anyone, not just Bulb). The 2nd generation smart meters do not suffer this problem (though they have their own foibles and reliability issues).

There is a remote-upgrade programme that will eventually eliminate the issue (and restore the smart capabilities to all 1st generation smart meters that have “gone dumb” as a result of switching supplier), but that’s well behind schedule, and no-one really knows when it will be complete (the original timeframe was 2018, and is currently estimated to be 2021/22!).

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I’ve taken a look, and it seems you have a SMETS2 meter. That means provided the meter was working with Scottish Power, and was commissioned to the smart network, it should be fine with us too.

I can see the switch only completed yesterday, meaning it may be a little while yet until we’re all set up and taking reads from the meter. Once that happens, you’ll be fine to integrate SmartThings with the meter.

Hi CJ - so just so I understand do I need to receive a Bulb In-Home Display? It’s been a few months now and I’m still be asked to set manual meter readings

If so can I please arrange to have an IHD6 delivered.

Hey @liamfoneill, as your Smart meter was installed by your previous supplier our In Home Devices (IHD) will not be compatible with your meter unfortunately. :slightly_frowning_face: Only the installing supplier will be able to provide an IHD that is compatible with your meter.

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Thank you. I will see if I can get one from them.

Regarding the first part of my question can you look and see why my smart meter isn’t updating my account usage? I keep getting asked for meter readings and it has been a few months now

Hi Liam,

So currently we will not be receiving Smart reads as the meter is not yet connected onto the wider Smart network. We’re currently working on integrating other suppliers’ smart meters into a common smart network so that we can start communicating with them. This is an industry wide standard across all suppliers when it comes to First Generation Smart Meters.

Right now, we can’t give you an exact date of when that will be, but the process did start this summer and is happening in several phases over the next 6-12 months. As soon as the work is complete and we can read your meter remotely, we’ll let you know. This also means that we wouldn’t install a new smart meter as your meter should be turning “smart” over the next few months. It’s just in the meantime that it is only going to be smart with the supplier that installed it.

Because of this, you’ll have to submit manual meter readings through your Bulb Account, to ensure your statements are accurate. If you’re not sure how to read your meters, we have a useful guide that can help.

I can see that we have received a few electric readings since your switch which is great, but are missing some gas reads. I have sent you an email now to assist you with this. If you wish to provide me with your gas reading, I can get that added to the account for you and ensure that your billing is all accurate and up to date.

If you have any further questions please do feel free to ask away here or within our email thread!

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