Just switch to Bulb

We just switched to Bulb from EDF, they had previously installed a smart meter at home and bills are being generated automatically by EDF without the need to send any meter readings.

Will be possible for Bulb to take over this Smart Meter? We have been told that this is possible to achieve

Looking forward to hearing from you

Hi jmlp1. If it is a Generation 2 meter, or a gen 1 meter labeled “secure” they should be able to do it. There us a full article here: Switching to Bulb with a smart meter – Bulb I would research thoroughly to ensure you switch to a provider that you think is good for you.

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Hi Izzy,
Thanks for so prompt response, definitely it is a Generation 2 meter, was installed in 2020, by EDF. excellent news that looks like Bulb should be able to read them in the same way that EDF (our provider before the switch) does

Hey @jmlp1,

Like @izzyhunt rightly said, we should be able to do this. Its not fool-proof that this will connect successfully, but if your meters are SMETS2 and fully commissioned with EDF then this should certainly connect with us too.

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