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Good morning I’ve just switched to bulb and was given a switch date of today 10th November. I currently had a smart meter which was payg. I understand that my previous supplier would switch this meter to credit the night prior to switch. This has not happened and I’ve made my first payment to bulb but I’ve had to top up with my existing supplier today to get the electricity to come on any help guys?

What I would suggest in this case is to take the meter readings today 10th November (the day you switch to BULB) and all other readings of any new credit meter that’s installed and as I do now. Take photographs of the readings as your proof and submit the readings to BULB and ask them to sort it all out as its their responsibility to ensure a smooth transfer. Don’t worry too much as its the readings that are important on switch day and BULB are always very helpful whenever I have rung them and get things sorted out to MY satisfaction always.

watch out for the extra hidding monthly charges £20.44 - £30.00

What would they be then?

My statements detail my meter readings and the exact calculation used to produce the final amount, which agrees with my own calculations within a few pence.

where it shows weekly charges on yr meter

I have a daily standing charge, as expected.

Sorry, you’re going to have to prove your allegation with a specific example of hidden charges.

Good luck time will prove pls let me know if i was right.

Well you haven’t been right for the last 18 months I’ve been with Bulb.

Goodbye, troll.


(Just switched help),

Hi again, You have no weekly charges there is nothing to worry about.

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It’s all good guys my previous supplier didn’t switch my meter to credit apon leaving all is sorted and bulb gave me a credit even though it was nothing done on there part. Customer service was brilliant from Connor

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