Just Switched - Query on Timing

Hi - Just switched to Bulb, my current contract with First Utility ends on 31 May 2018, When I completed the switch i noticed that it takes three weeks for the whole process to complete.

Will my switch be administered in time by Bulb such that I do not incur any costs from my present supplier?

Would Bulb still pay any exit fees from my current supplier though.


Bulb will switch on the agreed date however final readings have to be verified by a 3rd party (legally required) this is what can take up to 6 weeks, your old supplier may continue to retain monies until the switch is verified but will credit excess back to you.
Bulb will credit your exit fees when you get the final bill from old supplier.
Dont fret it will sort itself out.

Thanks for the reassurance.

@NewCustomer Scudo is exactly right. If you are ever charged exit fees on your Final Bill, we will be able to reimburse you for these charges.