Just switched to Bulb.. should my previous Smart Meter be working?

…because it appears to be, and I didn’t expect that!

It seems to have erased all the data relating to my previous supplier (EDF), and is only showing data from the 8th May onwards, which is when I assume the changeover was effected.

So I guess my question is, if my smart meter is working, surely it can’t have access to my current tariff? I assume it must be programmed with my old tariff (which is still a useful metric nonetheless).

@tom705 it sounds like your in-home display is still communicating meter and giving you a live view on your usage :slight_smile:

You are quite right that it will not be programmed with your current tariff as we are not able to communicate with other suppliers’ first gen meters remotely.

We hope the data still gives you a useful view of your usage and how you can reduce it :+1: