Just switched to Bulb

Hi, we are moving into a flat 20th of August. I just switched to bulb and received an email they will supply us with energy and gas from 5th of September. I know that landlord have been using pay as you go card from SSE. Does it mean bulb will contact the current supplier and inform them about th change? And this means until 5tht of September we have to top up the card for electricity and gas? Thanks

Hi @Karolinaap, as long as you have done the sign up through quote.bulb.co.uk and selected prepay for both accounts, then all should be set for you.

We will be in touch with the current supplier but it’s also worth you calling SSE to let them know you are now at the property, otherwise they might object.

We will also be sending through a key and card by post but please hold on to your current key and card with SSE until you receive ours so you don’t go off supply :slight_smile: