Keep being asked for first reading

I hope you can help
I was asked for my meter reads to start my supply…I put these in a few days ago
Have then been asked again for them or you will use an estimate .
I can see that my gas read has logged but my electricity has not.
Have put this in again and still it is not showing
I do not want an estimate reading to start my supply and end it with my old supplier.
How do I resolve this please
Thank you for your help

I’m also having the exact same issue. Gas meter has recorded fine but the electricity reading won’t seem to save (despite the site saying they have). I’m due to be connected today too.

I’ve noticed the same thing. Gas meter reading I took today is showing on my account but not the electric reading.

@julieb Thanks for getting in touch with us. I’ve just had a look at your account and I can confirm that we’ve received the readings we need. @DannyW @Trish , we’ve received yours as well.

Our system won’t display the readings until we receive the technical details for your meter letting our system know in what format it will need to display the readings. In most cases, we receive these 2 days before your switch date but they can also come in a bit later.

Due to this delay, the first readings for either electricity or gas might be missing but I can assure you that we have received them into our system. It will just take a day or so to process.