Keep Getting Logged into Community


I keep getting logged into the Bulb Community and am unable to access the dashboard for adjusting payment methods, account details, etc.

Could someone please advise me how I can login to my account dashboard rather than being directed only to the Community forums?

Many thanks.

you will need to phone/chat bulb tomorrow for an account/ password reset.
I the meantime I have flagged your post, so hopefully someone will pickup on it

Hi @Ding760, welcome to Community! :wave:

I can see we have a Bulb Account built for you now - if you’re still having access issues, let me know and I can send you a reset password email, but you should be able to log in and see that now.

Hi I am having the same problem. I keep been diverted to community rather than been able to set up an account to submit meter readings. Any help appreciated.

Flagged you as well, see if it gets someones attention

I have just joined and cannot access my bulb account , keep getting community . How do i reslove this?
kind regards

have flagged you for attention ASAP.
In the meantime you will have to perservere with trying to contact bulb

Hi @RICHARDMINETT1966, welcome to Bulb community :wave:

I’ve requested for the accounts to be merged, and you should’ve now received an email inviting you to log into your Bulb account :+1:t2:

Lou :stars: