Keep getting missed calls for a Smart Meter installation

Hi, are Bulb calling people to have smart meters installed? I keep getting voice messages left that are hard to understand but they dont mention anything about Bulb…

If it is Bulb calling would they not send an email or letter out?

Are smart meters worth it? Im on Electric only

Also are smart meters compatible with old style electric spinning meters and the old type fuse wire boards?


Hi @Steve2020

Welcome to the Bulb Community, happy to have you here.

We wouldn’t generally call our members about smart installations, like you say we’d email about that.

Smart meters are useful to have. They mean you wouldn’t need to manually submit reads to us anymore, it would happen automatically. You’d also get an in-home display to track energy usage in real time.

There shouldn’t be any issues getting one installed on the setup you describe, but I can confirm that with a photo. I’m going to email you to ask for some more details about the calls you’ve gotten, and we can discuss the merits of a smart meter more there too.

Out of curiosity, what are your initial thoughts on potentially having a smart meter fitted?

Thanks for the reply. Am I correct in thinking that a smart meter connects with like a mobile signal to the energy provider? The problem with my property is it is old and solid stone construction which blocks most signals so using a mobile requires going outside for a signal. Also plug sockets to power the meter are very limited


Hi @Steve2020 The meter itself would replace the old dial meter, so wouldn’t need a plug socket as it’s the connection point from the electricity network to the supply at your house.

The meter would connect via a secure wireless system, similar to radio waves for example. It may be that there’s adequate WAN coverage to install a smart meter at your property even if the phone signal isn’t amazing there.

It’s completely up to you if you’d like to have one installed (if possible right now). If you have any other questions then fire away