Keeping tariff after moving not possible?

I signed up to bulb a few months ago following an excellent quote based on my previous year’s usage with another provider.

I’m now moving at the end of this month and have submitted that date to bulb. However I can’t seem to transfer this rate to the new address.

Instead the system wants to charge me about £15 a month more at the new address. My usage is going to be the same. Any advice?

Look at the actual unit rates rather than the direct debit amount.

They’ll be the same, unlesa you’ve moved to a different region?

Heya @Jebbo87. If you’ve moved house, it’s unlikely that you knew the annual estimated usage for the house so we used an estimate based on the house size and location. If you give us meter readings each month, we’ll suggest a payment that reflects your usage.

If you would like to change the amount you pay each month you can head to your Bulb Account and change your monthly payments in the “payments and statements” tab.