Key card won't work

Hello…my key card won’t allow me to top up…what’s the options. It’s electricity and it’s completely out.

Bulb are closed until Monday morning.

However, if you call their phone number it’s supposed to divert to someone that can help in these sorts of emergencies. What happens when you try to call?

The girl could only offer a engineer but there was no need for 1 so I emailed back and forth. I have 2 kids I had to send to there grans

Yes, as I understand it the emergency contact (whoever it is) will only be able to help if you have an actual emergency such as a faulty meter. I’m not sure if they consider not being able to top up as being an emergency, although it’s clearly a big problem!

Your meter should have a certain amount of emergency credit available. Have you already activated it and used it up?

I believe I’m paying debt back of 3.57 a week… somebody else’s

Sounds like you have multiple problems. I’m afraid there’s nothing much any of us fellow customers on this forum can do to help. I definitely wouldn’t recommend Bulb to prepayment customers given their lack of weekend opening. I can only suggest you switch to an alternative supplier.

If the key doesn’t work wouldn’t be able to access EC


No…sent about 5 emails today

You need to phone. Bulb don’t answer emails within a month even at the best of times, nevermind on a weekend.

Phone the number again, and tell the emergency contact that you now have no power and can’t topup. It’s an emergency now your power is off. They wont consider it to be an emergency until your power is out.

I’m glad I’ve never had the misfortune of using prepayment meters. What an absolute PITA this is for everyone!

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normally the old key meters are quite reliable, they work from a pre- programmed chip, the same as your debit card, for some obscure reason bulb seem to have a problem with the chip malfunctioning
Surprise, Surprise

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