KW view on IHD?

Smart Meters are supposed to help reduce electricity use, but I can’t get the IHD to show live KW. Only a vague gauge listed in £/hour. The only way to work out instant KW use is to divide the £/hour by the tariff which really isn’t useful once rounded (and the maths is hard!).

Is there a way to get the IHD to list live KW use? If not, can an update be pushed to do this?
My previous Smart Meter (from NPower) showed this instantly and clearly. This let me quantify how much each appliance was using as I turned them on/ off.

@hptweed On my IHD there’s a button in the bottom row that’s marked ‘Now’, with the lightning bolt symbol for electricity. Assuming you have the same one, if you press that button you get the live kw use and cost.

I used to have a smart meter but since I switched to bulb it’s never worked. They installed the latest smets two as had the smets one. It’s got a mind of its own and is about as smart as joey Essex. Had it sitting on the electric meter but it has full signal on both where it normally sits and internet for updates. Works for a day then freezes and if you reset can take weeks to come back. Switching off the supply so the battery runs flat is the only way to sometimes getting it to work for 24 hours if your lucky. The previous supplier ovo with the smets one had no issues and worked all the time. So much for latest technology. If it carries on like this it’s going in the bin …gone on for months including numerous on line resets.

Unfortunately I’ve the newer IHD6 (photo on right below) with no button at the bottom.

Just press ‘so far today’ a few times and it will toggle the readings :slight_smile:

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I’ll try that again later (if it isn’t saying "electricity data unavailable…) but I don’t think that shows you live KW? Just kWH for the day or money for the day?
You can change the home screen view to show you a dial of live use in money but it doesn’t tell you a value in KW.

That screen shows current usage (down to 10 second accuracy) as well as price per hour at that usage rate.

Yes - once the “unavailable” message went away I found that screen. Not sure why I didn’t find that first time!
Thanks for looking that up for me!