Lack of communication following a switch to bulb

Hi there,

I am getting so frustrated. My app is showing my electric metre but not my gas. It has been around 7 weeks since I was advised the change over would be happening in the next 21 days. I have no idea how my gas is still running.

Please help.

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Hi @jazzvaughan93 - I’ve sent you a password reset email now. Could you let me know if both fuels are visible on your dashboard once you do this? I’ve checked and it looks like we supply both your gas and electricity.

There may be a dropdown box at the top of your dashboard. You can toggle between electricity and gas here. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Jim,

No unfortunately not. Still only showing electric. On the smart meter it says est. Bill £4.06 but this has refreshed around 4 times and started again at £0. I am concerned a Debt is building up but I have no option to top up on my app.


Hey @jazzvaughan93, what does you gas meter show on the screen?

Press the ‘B’ Button on the meter to wake it up. This also activates autoscroll, which means the meter will automatically scroll through each screen, staying on each one for 2 seconds. Does it show CREDIT or PAYG mode on the first screen?

I can now no longer top up my electric as my account has been closed. What should I do?

Hi @jazzvaughan93 :wave:

I have now fixed this and you should be able to top up both the gas and electricity (using the drop-down list in your Bulb Account). Let us know if there are any other issues with this.

Cara :bulb: