Lack Of Response From Bulb, Fed Up Now!

I have been emailling since Monday regarding a massive increase in the cost of my gas, from £60-£70 per month to £234. I also have Estimate readings shown on my statement, why?? I have smart meters so there should be no need for estimates or readings to be given.
You also want me to increase my monthly DD from £60 to £176 per month.
despite 2 or 3 emails, I have had no reply apart from the standard reply. I did get a satisfaction survey to fill in, interesting !! not filled it in yet, but when I do, it may well not be favourable

Hi @nelson1960, I would like to take a look into this for you, so I’ve sent you an email about this

Lou :stars:

Yup, sounds familiar. They did the same with me - get in touch with the ombudsman (Energy Ombudsman: Here to help with gas & electricity complaints | Ombudsman Services)

Hi @theykeepoversharging, I’ve responded to your query over in another thread, if you want to take a look :relaxed: