Lack of Statments

Hi. Untill this month I had seen Statments on my bulb app without fail by the 2nd of each month.

This month it’s now the 11th of Feb 20 and still no bill

Altho the monthly payment goes thru without fail

Please advise build


Just another failure in the long running saga of abject failures in the BULB broken (or lack of) accounting system, beyond a joke really, in fact quite pathetic :rofl:


Billing seems to be broken for a lot of people right now. Either be patient and wait for a fix, or switch away. Only two options really.

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Think it is irreparable fit only for the bin and start from ground zero.
Surely there is some quite good “off the shelf systems” that would do a better job, although bulb would probably manage to **** that up as well


That is precisely what they are doing. Check the careers page. They’re advertising for Python developers to build a whole new billing platform. It’s essentially rewriting the whole company from scratch, most likely due to unresolvable technical debt. Whether they’ll be able to get it done quickly enough and have a functional company again, before going bankrupt, is hard to say. I, for one, would not be buying stocks in Bulb right now if they were a public company.

Senior Python Engineer
The Platform team at Bulb are building a completely greenfield system responsible for things like Billing, Metering and Account Management. This software will be at the very heart of Bulb’s business and is absolutely vital to our day-to-day operations and future ambitions. We’ve reached 1.6 million customers in 4 years and we’re still growing! The software you’ll build will support our continued growth and entry into new markets.

Wonder how up to date that figure is? :joy:
They may well have reached that figure but how many customers have they retained? seems they have just wallpapered over the cracks

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Welcome to the Bulb community @jamaro04, I have sent you and email regarding this.

I look forward to your reply,

James W :slight_smile:

Might be a short lived career

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