Landis Gyr e470 - How to know it got updated?

Hi all,

I have a Landis Gyr e470 SMETS 1 originally installed by British Gas in 2017.
I see that an upgrade will be pushed out to them to make them join the same network as the SMETS2 network, thus allowing energy providers to read them.

How would I know if my smart meter got upgraded to this new firmware?
Do I need a new In-House Display (IHD) unit from Bulb or will the original BG one work?

I unplugged the IHD a while back as it wasn’t displaying the info, so will this auto reconnect to the smart meter or do I need to repair it again? If so what is the pairing PIN?

any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Hi @richardcarr2008

Welcome to the community :wave: :sunny:

We are hoping that most SMETS1 will be enrolled on the DCC the end of this year.

Until then your IHD will not work, it should then work when the update has happened.

We will notify you when yours has been enrolled :smiley: