Landis Gyr G470 Meter Index not changed since Oct 2019

Took a meter reading manually in October 2019 no issues, went to take another reading today and realised the Meter Index value hasn’t changed (still reads 05270 m3)… who do you call if your meter doesn’t seem to be working? I have tried googling but can’t seem to find a good / reputable source giving an answer!

Try contacting Bulb, their contact details are via the link at the bottom of the Help page.

Call bulb, it’s probably faulty. They should replace FOC.

If you don’t report it, you run the risk of being held responsible for neglecting to let them know.

Thanks all - I will call them in the morning. Tried to contact them about it through the “chat” feature in the app earlier this afternoon (well before their closing time) but no-one has responded so guess I’ll have to pick up the phone.