Large bill

Why is my bill more than what my monthly payment should be? I joined bulb under the impression I wouldn’t get any unexpected bills.

Your current Bills will be for the coldest months of the year hence higher Bills, as Spring/Summer approaches your Bills will start to decrease but your payments remain the same. Your monthly payment is based on your average yearly usage and split 12 ways so you pay the same each month. Over the year everything balances out.

In winter the bills are higher than your payments.
In summer your bills are lower than your payments.

I hope that makes sense.

@Ashleylou90 I agree with what @scudo wrote.

In addition, note that your monthly payment might be too low. Sometimes people join us having only told us how many bedrooms their property has. We set their payment at an average usage for their size of home. Yet their home uses has an above average usage. In this case, payments would consistently be lower than usage. Looking closely at your account, this may be the case for you – I think your monthly payments may be about £15-£25 too low.

A more global note: We are 10-20% cheaper than the Big 6 and their ilk, but we’re not 50% cheaper, etc.