Large Increase in DD 15 percent

I’ve been pleased with Bulb over the last two years , but have been increasingly unhappy over the last few months and todays increase is the last straw .

The most annoying part is that I’ve noticed the monthly statements are given the DAY before the DD is taken; I find this very disingenuous. I’m sorry BULB but I’m off to search for a new energy supplier .


Why is this disingenuous? It should have no effect on your monthly DD it just means for a couple of days your account may show as being in debit but will then go into credit when the DD is taken.

Because they calculate what you need to pay on that statement , but not taking into account what your paying that month ie. the day after . Perhaps disingenuous was the wrong word .

They upped mine by 40%!
They what to ensure that no-one is ever in debt to them.
That is fine for a retail outlet where they may never see a customer again!

But this is a service to a physical place - pretty difficult to hide and they can always (with a court order) cut you off try surviving without electricity for a while in this country - oh maybe they are worried about solar cells and climate change:)

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I wasn’t too concerned about the use of the word but asking about the context. What you need to pay as a monthly DD should be the cost of your annual usage divided by 12. I have a speadsheet which automatically does the calculation for me, it is updated each month with the past 12 months annual usage in kWh, from this I can see whether my monthly DD will leave me in a debit or credit situation 12 months hence. Using this approach I am not worried whether my monthly DD comes out several days after my statement is prepared.

Hi @austinderek1, welcome to Community :wave:

The monthly statements have always reflected the payment made the month before, as you make your payments a month in advance and have done so ever since you joined us. If you log into your Bulb account, this will provide you with a more ‘real time’ approach in terms of what your current overall account balance is.

I would also like to link this article, which may help to provide a bit more context on this for you:

If you do need help with anything or have any further questions please do let us know!

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I even tried changing my DD date. Bulb simply moved my billing date and then showed payment as pending. Sharp practice.